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It's time to change the client conversation

Now you can provide your clients with immediate lifestyle benefits for today and long-term financial security for tomorrow. Imagine that!.

It’s Time to Help Your Clients Thrive!

Gone are the days when clients considered retirement to be the end of their journey. Instead, it’s become a time for new adventures and the fulfillment of long held dreams. Odds are, you’ve helped them plan for this time.

But your job is not over!

That’s because nobody’s looking for just a long life; they’re looking for an active, vital and independent life for as long as possible. That’s not to say they don’t understand that decline also comes with a long life. They get that too and why they want your help planning for all of it!

Enter NeverStop.

A ground-breaking Wellness Rewards Program that’s built into some of the most innovative long-term care insurance products on the street today. Recommending coverage that includes NeverStop allows you to help clients protect their personal well-being today and their financial security in the future.

NeverStop gives you the tools to change the client conversation.

  • No longer is it just about future loss and disability. It’s about
    living our best life today and for as long as possible!
  • It’s about increasing policy benefits at no additional cost.
  • It’s about offering one solution that addresses current and future goals.
  • It’s about being able to offer a non-invasive and fast digital underwriting process.
  • It’s about the comfort that comes with guaranteed coverage.*

It’s Time to
Learn About NeverStop.

What Experts Have to Say About NeverStop

Jim Silbernagel


“NeverStop is an industry innovator. [They have] developed an outside-the-box solution that will differentiate you from the competition and endear you to your clients.”

Tom Hegna


“I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to offer NeverStop to their clients!”

Curtis V. Cloke


“NeverStop changes the conversation of long-term care from fear… to a planning discussion that assures a better quality of life.”

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